Thursday, March 1, 2012

a month in photos - February 2012

From top left: Marin says "hi" from the rockets at Disneyland, Ollie runs in from the outfield, Coleman and Hazel playing ON the playhouse not in it, Marin & cousin Kate become friends, Ollie and Spencer talk nerf guns, Marin on Sunday morning - 18 months! 2nd Row: That is MY bed not theirs!, Hazel seems to always have a hole in at least one of her pant's knees, Marin looking up at Coleman and Hazel, "music time" with Dad, girls in the teacups, Ollie learning to play catcher. 3rd Row: Dave and Hazel in Disneyland rockets, me with my sister Jen and niece Kate, so tired she fell asleep on the living room floor, Ollie's getting big!, Valentine cookies, Peek-a-boo! 4th Row: this is how Hazel rolls, messy joy, California Screamin with Spencer and Zach, Marin trying out a scooter, morning face and blankie (neh-nee), Parker and Dave at D-land 5th Row: Marin in wonderment on a carousel, sand sculptures at the park, Valentine sisters, cousins, early morning jammie time, Hazel mouse. 

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