Sunday, April 1, 2012

a month in photos - March 2012

Top from left: 18 months!, leprechauns, bubble time, hazel's birthday, random in n out photo, Ollie - excited for his field trip. 
2nd Row: Hazel loves picking flowers from our front yard, Ollie in the zoo's butterfly house, Ollie's portrait of our family, 
St. Patty's breakfast, movie night with friends, digging in the sand at the park. 3rd Row: Art at school, I love Ranuculus 
flowers, Hazel hugging her new stuffed dog present, giant grasshopper from the backyard, Hazel's wild play time, 5! 4th Row: 
waiting to blow out birthday candles, he loves that beard, ancestor project for school, Hazel at gymnastics, Ollie at the zoo, 
more bubbles. Last Row: Marin, girls, toothy grin, after preschool party, giggly silly girl, backyard party.   

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