Tuesday, May 1, 2012

a month in photos - April 2012

Top from left: petting the cousins dog Nixon, Miss blue eyes, Big Bear alpine slide, Ollie, hiding from mom or playing peak-a-boo, "Swing me HIGHER mom!". 2nd Row: kids with friend Gavin at Big Bear, big backyard bubbles, Easter egg hunt in AZ, Phoenix Botanical Gardens, Ollie playing with sticks and rocks, Hazel and her play horses. 3rd Row: Marin at cousins farm, bike ride with kids, Ollie going "egg crazy" in Chris' garden, sunset walk, clothes hamper runaways, my baby is getting too big! 4th Row: Run, Hazel, Run!, Dave, family Jeep ride, wildflower picking, Who's on first?, cousin time in AZ. 5th Row: Kooky Hazel, Lyndee, London & Hazel, Marin's cheese, Marin & me on alpine slide, Ollie's good egg, Grandma Frankie and Hazel's scooter ride. 

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