Friday, June 1, 2012

a month in photos - MAY

Top Row from left: cereal on the driveway in the sunshine. Scooter and bike rides down our hill. Ollie celebrating after scoring a point. Feeding the ducks in their jammies. Wrestle hugs. Gymnastics smiles. 2nd Row: Frog catching on camp out with dad, a personal favorite - Hazel's drawing of "Marin's magical teeth", a visit to the animal shelter - holding giant kitties, triple stack on the swings, farmer Marin at the blueberry farm, catching fish with dad. 3rd Row: Hazel pretending she is a dog, blueberry loot, he caught a baseball at the Storm game, Hazel rockin' out, serious catcher face, silly sisters. 4th Row: Spinach picking time, smiley Hazel, Oliver's baseball game cheering section, building marshmallow structures, bike rides with buddy Zeke, Hazel in the jasmine. Last row: Marin LOVES to swing, Hazel catches a fish, more Hazel smiles, holding hands, mother's day preschool event, Ollie borrows a dirt bike.

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