Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April - a month in photos

From Top Left: Row 1: our chickens are laying eggs!, Hazel's self-makeover and self-portrait, Go Purple Pandas! (soccer), photo text sent to Dave, Sedona getaway, Dave's daring dash. Row 2: Hazel working hard in the pool, Mary's birthday lunch, happier days for Marin at swim lessons, Ollie's new dirt bike, Hazel's soccer selfie, Marin in the front yard. Row 3: Sedona D+A, Ollie caught a bird, Day 1: excavation of the pool, Crossroads farm, she calls herself: "Princess Princess Marin" and would like others to do the same, friendly one-week old foal. Row 4: Tom & Hazel, post swim snuggles, church baseball fan, keeping her busy with the phone camera, Hazel's skating lesson with Emma, pining for more princess paraphernalia after earning her princess dress earned for perfect potty performance. Row 5: Dave digging and digging, snuggles in bed, power washing the pool, playing at the park, Sedona cactus blooms, Hazel with Chase and Oprah before lessons. 

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  1. Hooray for the pool!! Just in time for summer! Enjoy!