Saturday, June 1, 2013

May - a month in photos

Top Left to Right: Rollerskating night with Dad, Kiddie skate "walker", so tired she fell asleep with her tongue hanging out of her month, climbing trees in the front yard, painting with popsicle in hand, mother's day Kindergarten Tea. 2nd Row: Tree monkey, Angry birds for peace, the other end of a seesaw (at Bowman's with Cameron), Restoring the pool - plaster day, Jimmy Eat World concert with Michelle and Lizzy (this shot was in a newspaper online), Marin playing in the front yard. 3rd Row: Jimmy Eat World, Dave and Hazel playing in the pool, Art class, Cannonball!, Ollie taking Marin on a quad ride (very slowly), Hazel's Kindergarten graduation day. 4th Row: Painting with Marin, Kids asleep in our bed, Marin and Mom in the pool, Munkstown shirts from Aunt Liz, Hazel's tricks, Blue mouthed sleeping babe. Last Row: Hazel's graduation, Marin, Mustache Man, Marin's reward dress for using the potty, Dave, Chris and Rick jamming in the music room, cousins playing in the "new" pool.

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