Monday, July 1, 2013

June - a month in photos

Top Row from Left: Ollie helping with the dishes, Hazel: playing is serious business, cousins on the swim team, peaceful sleeper, Marin waiting during Hazel's horseback riding lessons, me. 2nd Row: Boogie boarding with Dad, Marin & Dave, Ollie at a swim meet, Hazel's creative paper horse, Marin & Dave, Marin eating gelato. 3rd Row: Thumbsucker snuggling on the beach, view from the beach house, Annie jumping into Mattson pool full of ball pit balls, Dave and Hazel, handsome Ollie, Hazel's alone time. 4th Row: Ollie body boarding big waves this year, we're happiest at the beach, Mom and Hazel boogie board time, the fan at the Oceanside pier, Hazel at Big Surf, Ollie loves the ocean. Last Row: girls camp at Taylor Ranch, Ollie night swimming, good times at a swim meet, Hazel learning to care for horses, Dylin and Ollie ride to the pier for souvenirs, Glow party with cousins on the last night of the beach house. 

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