Sunday, September 1, 2013

August - a month in photos

Top Row from left: "Frenchie" and waterfights down Desolation Canyon, back to school, Bandu family game night, Oliver, 3rd Grade - Mrs. Alvarado, Hazel and MaryJane on Deso, amazing sunset at Arches Nat'l Park. 2nd Row: Hazel, 1st Grade - Mrs. Silveira, Marin on Deso (by Annie Payne), Marin's birthday, Marin's birthday cousin swim party, Marin doing monkey crawls in her new swimsuit from grandma Frankie, Ollie ducky-ing on Deso. 3rd Row: Bandu champ?, Hazel's "Saige" dress, Kids at Rock Creek Ranch, Hazel and "Big Time", Hazel's thoughtful gifts for Marin, Lime "O-gurt" for breakfast. 4th Row: Cameron, Hazel and Renae, Hazel's selfie, Marin's new ballet suit from Aunt Mary, Books and kitty protection, biking to the bus stop, Marin loves her American Girl doll. Last Row: keeping cool on the Green River, 1st day of preschool, skating at the church, Turret Arch at sunset (Arches), Ollie hiking to petroglyphs and rock collecting on Deso, Annie and Ollie on the raft. What a memorable month!

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