Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September - a month in photos

From top left: Rollerskating with Lizzy & London at Skateland, Marin tries the guitar, Hazel & London ride home from the bus stop on the side of the Jeep, Hazel perfecting her front flip, riding on the trailer with Uncle Doug, Ollie on the other side of the Jeep. 2nd Row: Hazel presenting Ollie's birthday breakfast, Hazel painting Tom's toenails, Ollie turns 9!, splashing in rainstorm puddles, mermaid Marin, Hazel playing games while we play ultimate frisbee. 3rd Row: Hazel and Ollie gaming it up, a tutu and boots on a quad, flipside photobooth fun, Marin waiting at Hazel's horse lessons, self proclaimed "wacky party" wear, catching raindrops. 4th Row: riding lessons with Alex at Crossroads, farm play, Everett's mini bowling birthday party, Ollie!, Hazel's first lesson with Candi, Tempe Center for the Arts. Last Row: Hazel, Make a wish!, doing homework together, I curled my hair!, Tempe Center for the Arts, play group at the farm. 

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