Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September - a month in photos

From Top Left: waiting for missionary cousin Bryton at the airport, Gilbert Temple grounds, Father/Daughter campout treats, Father/Daughter campout lunch, fall soccer practice, homemade Brazilian lemonade recipe from my friend Becca was delicious. 2nd Row: Marin loves to draw, Ollie somehow found himself in the most comfortable bed in the house, visiting the kids at lunch recess means kickball fun with the big kids for Marin, Date day with Oliver at the Lego exhibit at the Heard Museum, Hazel playing at Charlotte's, the Lego exhibit was really fun. 3rd Row: Hazel's horse lessons with new trainer, Dave Garcia, Sweet Goodbyes from Ollie - one more hug!, happy Hazel on a horse, my first exchange at the Napa Ragnar, sweet Marin, London & Hazel playing after a crazy rainstorm. 4th Row: Ollie's 10th Birthday Pool Party, Charlotte and Hazel walking home from school, Oliver just before getting his Bear and moving into Webelos, sisters playing at Ollie's soccer practice, Ollie's birthday morning, Wubble fun. Last Row: Pool party, Marin, Hazel at soccer practice, I'm loving his long hair, running selfie on my last leg of the Napa Ragnar, Marin in another desert rainstorm. 

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